How to stay healthy whilst traveling- and still eat good!

A beautiful drink sure, but think of all the sugar in it!
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First things first, if you spend all year working hard, being diligent and taking care of yourself, you DESERVE to treat yourself! Go crazy because sometimes you need to let your hair down.

This is not to shame anybody or tell people to loose weight. Nah, a holiday is not the time for that! This is to help you stay healthy in the sense of having all the energy you need to do everything you want to!

That being said, if you are on holiday for a few weeks or your travelling for a longer time, you do need (and by you, I do mean me and my thick thighs) to stay healthy. 

Whilst I love tucking into some crazy food, I find that after a few days I start to feel it. Not just getting my hamster cheeks on, but being groggy and not having as much energy to do all the things I want to. On a short trip you don’t have time to rest, but on a longer break the days start to add up. You don’t want to let the holiday fly by without you. 

So to keep my energy up and still enjoy myself I follow some rules that keep me going. 

1. Go crazy, order everything one night. Then have a light meal the next day. Ground breaking. Twitter is shook. Call the UN. But no, I know this sounds obvious, but I really wanted to say that being healthy doesn’t mean not enjoying all the good, new, delicious offerings somewhere new has to offer. But trying everything in the first few nights can add up on the hips quickly(at least for me). Not only that, but more importantly you want to spread the enjoyment out! Front loading everything to the first few days isn’t fun, but having it over a few weeks you could enjoy it more!

2. Make walking a part of your itinerary. The best way to explore somewhere new is to experience it in foot. There’s something magical about getting lost in the streets. But not only that , but bonus, you get some great exercise from it. Really, thinking about it, doctors should prescribe holidays!

3. Do you need to drink heavily every night? There’s been a rise in all inclusive holidays with drinks, and his means you can feel obligated to have as much as you can. Why not? It may be a brutish thing, but if someone says free- we take it! We want to feel like we got one up on the hotel! But if they weren’t waiting for you, would you really have them? Alcohol is a silent killer when it comes to piling on the pounds, and I know personally that I get affected more by drinking than I do eating rubbish. Also, you feel awful the next day. Nobody wants a hangover on holiday. Also, if you aren’t all inclusive, think of how much money you could save by not having too many drinks. All that extra shopping or experiences you could have. 

4. Eating out all the time you can never judge what people put in food, you don’t make the call. This one is for my people staying in hostels, Airbnbing it or just have access to a kitchen. Cooking for yourself a few nights here and here will

5. If you still feel groggy, like I did whilst traveling in Amsterdam (all that cheese. I had it. All of it. I made it mine) I decided to go one night eating vegan. My (now) ex agreed, although as an avid meat eater he was hard to win over, so we found some absolutely amazing burgers on Deliveroo. These monsters were in a black bun and were frankly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had. If only they could send it on a plane to me here! But I digress. My thought process was that we needed to rest our bodies after gorging on high fatty foods for days, because even with all our exercise it was weighing me down. I’ll tell you, it worked a charm for us both. The next morning despite feeling like we had eaten the most and was so full, we felt so much more energised, and generally getting that feeling you couldn’t quite put a finger on, but just felt good, you know? I would definitely try that trick again

I don’t need to tell you, you yourself will know when to cut back, and when to go for it without caring!

Pizza, but make it healthy. I can’t live without pizza, that would be a sad life. But adding veges makes it (technically) healthy! Win win.
One way to enjoy a healthy dish? Make it pink! Eating something unique is always a fun one off. Although I wouldn’t encourage adding flowers to everything you eat. They don’t count (nor should they!)

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