Top 5 wish list dream countries to visit

Having a list of places I want to go reminds me of how small my little bubble of the world is. No matter where we live, our surroundings influence our everyday lives without us even knowing. I never want to be happy in my bubble, I want to get out and see how others live

There aren’t many places I wouldn’t want to go, for any reason, but these, given the chance, would be my first stop:

The blossoms in Japan

1. Japan- the reason for this country being the top of this list is simple. I’ve heard nothing but glowing, wonderful comments of this small country. Everyone I have met who has been, has said how kind, polite and otherwise lovely the people are.

As a British person who loves good manners, I am so enamoured by this. Manners matter!

There are so many places to go, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. Your spoilt for choice.

There is a story of someone I met, who finally tipped me over the edge and made Japan top of my list.

He said that after he arrived in Tokyo, he was at a complete loss of how to get to his hostel. Google maps wasn’t working and his Japanese was about as existent as a pink bumble bee. Seeing him lost, a local on his way to work went out of his way no only to help, but to actually walking him all the way there, without any expectation of favour’s.

I can’t tell you how much this story makes me want to visit. It’s just beautiful. I want to be there!

New York under a white blanket

2. America- east coast- America, the UK’s closet ally, and also a whole other world. New York has a special place in many peoples minds, the hearts of so much action, it is truly a place you feel you know before you ever even go.

The reason I said the east coast is because that whole straight seems amazing to visit. From New York to Boston to Maine, it’s as if you took British people out of England (they did) and placed them there (they did).

3. Dubai- maybe it’s because I live in the UK, but the elusive heat that comes from the sun has a allure. Dubai is a place you’ve heard of, you know what it’s like, you’ve seen the fancy cars. It’s a land where everyone is (supposedly) rich. Obviously, that can’t be true, but still, is a place of mystery.

Monaco – Hotel Hermitage

4. Monaco- this tiny little country holds the world’s attention. James Bond’s play set, the country is dripping with glamour from its brand-new billionaires boats, to its Hollywood history cemented in the wonderful Grace Kelly.

It’s a place that draws people- i.e. the very rich- in from around the world, weather they want to party or shave a bit off their tax bill. There are worse places to hide from the tax man! To take a walk around the city is to walk the path of one of the most famous car races in the world- you just can’t get away from its appeal.

Even if you don’t want to stay there, given its so small you can fit so much in to a day trip- in fact it’s very common to take a trip down from Cannes!

5. Death in paradise island- otherwise known as Guadalupe to most normal people. I’m a fan, I love it. I can put it on Netflix and leave it playing until they judge me. You still watch? You bet I am!

Despite the VERY high amount of murders that take place (a number that might rival midsummer murders), I want to experience the magical island. Paradise it is. I don’t want to go and only stay in a hotel though, the series really makes me want to experience the island life and it’s culture.


France- I’ve been to France already, but it doesn’t stop me wanting to go back. The French take living life seriously, and for all Briton mocks them, I think they’ve got oathing going for them. Their county is steeped in culture, class, and fashion history. Every city you go has its own unique vibe- you’ll never get bored

Amsterdam- again, my being there twice before only cements the idea that I want to go back. It’s so chill, it’s hard not to get swept up in the atmosphere. The only thing I wish, is the idea that it is more than a place to do drugs, or others things you see on some streets. Read my blog about it HERE.

The city is filled with art, unique buildings and the nicest people.

Where do you want to visit?

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