5 Things I Never travel without

We all have things we can’t live without. These are mine:

1. Camera- I’m a photographer first and foremost. I don’t take pictures to post on Instagram, but I take photos to curate my own scrapbook of places I visit. I want to look back 50 years from now and think- wow, I did that

The photos you see on Instagram are only a fraction of what I actually take, and I feel it’s very important to me to keep some back for my private collection. It helps keep boundaries and reminds me why I do it in the first place.


2. Notebook- whatever thoughts you have can so easily disappear when distracted, which is why I always keep a notebook o me to capture the thoughts when they come.

3. Books- taking the time to read a good book can be a rarity in a busy life, which is why I like to make the most out of it on holiday. Also, it does feel better having a good read than watching Netflix (although I am guilty of that!)

My holy trio

4. Laptop/phone- this one is tricky. I have a need to stay connected, not because always want to be in it, but because I’m always doing something for myself. Don’t feel sorry, I choose to do this and I think my hard work will pay off in the future

The reason I have slashed this because recently I have found my new phone is magic, I am able to do so much that I am second guessing where the limited things I can’t do I worth saving the space and weight, and more and more I’m thinking it is.

5. Empty space- this isn’t a cop out, its very planned! I always leave empty space, even if it means taking something out (see laptop). If you want to bring something back you need space for that!

What world you never travel without?

Published by A Flighty Personality

A body with a flighty personality who loves to travel, take photos and experience new places.

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