3 Ways To Not Piss Of Locals When Traveling

So, you’ve just landed in the UK (or England- definitely NOT the same thing!) and your first place you want to visit is London. As the UK’s best known city, it attract millions in tourists every year, much to the disdain of the ever chirpy brits.

Tourists and London go hand in hand, and for the most part you are tolerated to the best of Brit behaviour- who knows, sometimes we even find you funny (you can stay). We want you to have the best view of our city possible and come away feeling like you love life within the M25 (the road that circles London), but to do that you need some tips.

I’m not a local Londoner, but I am a full time Brit. Given that I live not too far away, my regular trips have given me plenty of evidence of what turist behaviour is like.

Well, I’ve got some tips for you which should help you stay on the good side of the locals and can even stop you being a target for pick pockets.

1. Don’t stop in the middle of the street.- I shouldn’t have to say this, this goes for everywhere, and honestly this isn’t for just the tourists- yes I’m looking at you mum when you see something pretty in a shop window, warn me! But the truth is this singles you out as someone who hasn’t been here and is distracted easily and not being aware of your surroundings.

Not only will this “piss off” the man in a suit late for his meeting behind you, but it will attract not the type of people you want. There are so many cool things in London, even I love them. but if you see something, make sure you step to the side first- the locals will love you.

2. Cameras to the minimum- now this one is one I have a hard time writing. As someone who lives and breathes for photography and is certainly in the habit of carrying more than one camera when out and about, it can seem hypocritical. But here’s the truth, they single you out, they are bulky and get in the way and honestly, they can be very heavy!

If you want to take photos, and I really suggest you do- try and think carefully as to how. With all the advancements of cameras in the past few years you can get some great kit for little money and they will be light to carry around!

3. Bonus for Americans- No free refills! The UK doesn’t really do free refills- least not ANYWHERE I’ve been to, so stay on the good natured side and don’t expect it. Best case scenario you will be laughed at.

Worst case like one couple in Scotland, you will get shouted at and ridiculed. Don’t be them! Save the polar bears, don’t be a plastic dick.

Published by A Flighty Personality

A body with a flighty personality who loves to travel, take photos and experience new places.

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