A Paradise In Amsterdam- Try Something New

This would be my second visit to Amsterdam, and everything was beautifully the same and very different. Only a couple of years have gone by, but I knew I wanted to look at the city a different way. It can be very easy to get caught up in the “Smoke Weed” atmosphere, but I wanted to get away from that and experience something new. I wrote a blog about What To Do Instead Of Smoke Weed Here!

This time around instead of staying in a hotel, we opted for a completely different, relaxed hostel. It was called the Lucky Lake Hostel and honestly, it was one of the most perfect places I have ever stayed- and I’ve been to 5* hotels. 

The hostel was made up of individual cabins and caravans set around a central communal cabin, with a dorm cabin towards the back. Each space was individually decorated and had its own colour, and with them all put together it only added to the charm. It was like walking around a dream world, the setting was just that perfect.

The prices were great as well. For around £50 a night for a cabin (caravans are slightly cheaper) you are definitely getting your monies worth. I would say I would be happy to spend a little more for the cabin I was that happy! (Don’t tell management!). Although this sounds like a lot for a hostel, I can guarantee it’s worth it. if you are sharing with people (there can be up to 3 in a cabin) then that brings the cost right down.

The only draw backs were the heating situation. Now, I am a VERY temperamental person when it comes to being happy with temperature, but for once I wasn’t the only person to think it. I found out that- wait for it- sleeping in a wooden cabin outside can get cold. Shocker, I know. 

In the mornings, you might say you were motivated to get moving quickly. But don’t worry, when we got there we had our own portable heater which warmed us up (even my cold bones) quickly. I would say that when it got hot, it got toasty though. But my overall takeaway was a pleasant little cabin. 

A little quirk was that if you were planning on using your hairdryer in the cabin? Good luck! There was a warning not to less you short circuit the place. I guess they couldn’t handle my hair! I guess in the scheme of things this isn’t a big deal, and to a lot of people they may laugh at this, but hey, my hair can be difficult.

Breakfast was served in an old school bus which only added to the charm. Nowhere I’ve stayed has given a free breakfast, and here I was on the cheap getting it! (P.S one way to my heart is food.) It was on the basic side, but for something simple it was perfect. If you wanted something more than toast or cereal they alternated between cooking your own eggs or pancakes outside.

The location was set-you guessed it- on lakes. The hostel has maps for you to use to take an hour or a whole day to wonder around, they even have bikes for you to hire if you want to feel truly whimsical. I couldn’t help but think of Taylor Swifts music video for Begin Again as we meandered- minus the very impractical flowy dress.

Want to do yoga here? Of course you do

Could it get better? In fact, yes it could. An early morning yoga class set on the lakes was the perfect way to wake up, feeling the sun on my skin as I breathed in the air. The instructor was amazing, she had me doing handstands, and I haven’t done that in about 10 years.

Early mornings not your thing? Well, they have boat rides in the evening too. We were joined by some other guests staying at the hostel who became friends and laughed the whole time. Our 2 hour trip turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of the whole trip, not least because we all got so carried away we stayed out for way longer than planned, our captain more than happy to sit and chill with us.

We took a slow ride through the lakes around the hostel, past where the morning yoga took place, and found a small island with a pit just right for us to have a fire. With our new friends we got through a whole magnum of prosecco, with us ending up drinking it by the solo cup (and those things are bigger than you think), and a whole bottle of something else I would be lying if I said I could remember- but it was great.

It was pure heaven. 

What might be the draw back to all of this magnificence? To be on this beautiful location you have to venture out of the main city. It was a little bit out the way. If you are someone who wants to stay out all night and get back at 3am this may not be for you. Getting to the hostel from the airport, you have to take a metro train to a pickup point where they can drive you back to the place. This is the same pick up point where you can use to get into the city. This wasn’t an issue for us though, as we didn’t want to be out too late- some people just aren’t the party type.

But I mean, there’s the most beautiful boat ride in the whole city at our fingertips, so why would we want to?

As my first hostel experience it made me so much more open to them as an option, especially if they had the charm of this place. My opinion? DEFINETLY give this place a go if you want to try something new from the same old, you WON’T be disappointed here!

You can check them out for yourself here www.luckylake.nl

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