The Best Books To Take On Holiday

A mix of classics, new releases, and thoughtful non fictions. If you find that you always come up with the excuse you’re “too busy” to read a good book, or you want to watch TV instead, then on holiday you have no reason not to dive in to a gripping novel.

1. Agatha Christie- any, literally any Christie novel is perfect to bring. 1) She writes shorter novels so they are easy to get through 2) it’s gripping and will keep you guessing 3) many are set in different locations, be it an island, the Nile or that old country house, you can get lost in another world wile you yourself are somewhere brand new. It really helps set the scene

2. Audible book- because not everyone wants to read. You can put your headphones in, shut everything out and get lost in the story floating around you head. One of my favourites is Obama’s, although long. A shorter thing I’m enjoying is 6 degrees of assassination with Andrew scot of Moriarty fame. I love the way he narrates the story- and best of all it’s free to listen to!

3. Inspirational non-fiction- think and grow rich- what better time to asses your life when you are finally on holiday? Whenever I finally take a break, I’m always sat there thinking how I can make this my everyday life. It spurs me on to work harder, thinking that if I do one day I won’t have to worry about going back. Still waiting on that one…

4. A holiday destination book- Crazy Rich Asians. I picked this book up mainly (and the only reason) was because it was the only book in English in the hostel I was staying in. it is a complete fantasy, a world away from where I was, but yet drew me in and me feel a part of that life. I felt glamourous walking around, not having to worry about work. The ultimate luxury.

5. 7 deaths of Eleanor Hardcastle- I read this while at Champneys, and it had me gripped! It had everything you want in a mystery book, a puzzling death (or two), sketchy characters, and a gorgeous set where everything takes place. It was also one of the most unique books I have read in many years, but instead of taking away from the story, it added to it.

I keep track of my book at goodreads, which you can see here. It’s really handy to look back at what you’ve already read if you read a lot,and spur you on to read more with their yearly challenge you can set for yourself!

There is another type of book which I highly recommend, even before you go on holiday. Peeping yourself to go abroad, you can either go in blind, or have your wits about you. I’m definitely the later, and I hope you are too.

One thing I have realised through Goodreads, is you can clearly see what genres you lean to. Now, I mostly talk about fiction books here, but on my account I’ve found that I am HEAVILY skewed to non-fiction psychology books, and other educational books. I knew I read them, but not how much!

In a way though, it makes sense. When I travel, I look heavily towards people’s body language, especially if I don’t speak the language. Learning about body language for travel is more important than I think most people talk about. I think in the future I’ll go deeper into it.

But, if you have any interest in travel, I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you travel alone. It can be daunting, and not everywhere will be safe, so you have to be aware of your surroundings. Taking the time to read about basics in body language could save you a lot of trouble (though hopefully you won’t need it!).

I find that reading these books, it brings out the subconscious mind, bringing to the forefront what we already know, but also don’t, if you catch my drift. But if you are interested, here are some of my favouites:

  1. Body Language: The Signals You Don’t Know You’re Sending, and How to Master Them

You can read about it here

2. Emotions Revealed by Paul Ekman

What book would be in your suitcase?

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