How To Take The Best Travel Photos

As we age, our memories fade. The one thing we can never get back is time, but what we can do is take pictures in the here and now to remind ourselves when we are old and grey.

I have a love of photography, and it’s a more than a little painful seeing some awful holiday photos. More than likely, there will only be one chance to take that shot- so make it count! I want everyone to love their holiday snaps, with whatever memories you want to remember.

Likewise, a travel isn’t ONLY about images to post. Finding the sweet spot can be difficult, so I wrote a guide on how to take great photos and still enjoy your travels first and foremost.

If I have missed anything, let me know! Sometimes, after many years, photography just becomes ingrained and you forget HOW you actually do it- making it hard to write down! Or if you have you own way, I’d love to hear it!

1. Mix what people know, with something they don’t. this isn’t one tip per say, but if you want to share your images online, then mixing well known landmarks with new finds is a great way to draw people in, show people new things and show off what people may not know about a given city.

2. Respect the locals- it’s all well and good trying the get the ~best~ photo, but you never want to be disrespectful to people who live there. They have to put up with so much, they don’t need you walking into them! Climbing on statues, going places you shouldn’t be and just being a general nuisance isn’t polite. You don’t have the right to do whatever you want because you’re on holiday. If you wouldn’t want someone doing it to you, don’t do it!

3. Don’t try and get photos just for likes- it sounds silly when you type that out, but don’t think about what other people want to see. Photographs are first and foremost memories you can print out. If there is anyone you should think about, it’s yourself, and what you want to remember when you can no longer travel.

4. Don’t bundle yourself with huge cameras- feeling light and easily movable is a priority when I travel, so clunky equipment isn’t my friend. Nowadays you can get high quality images from a phone (although it doesn’t replace a DSLR), but you can make the choice on what you want to prioritise.

5. Focus on the scenery- take wide angle photos to really set the scene. The wonderful things about going to new places is a complete change in scenery. Show it off! Rolling hills or flat landscapes- there’s something unique about everywhere.

6. Off set those sweeping vistas with close up of details that are new/different/look interesting to you. A great contrast to those sweeping vistas is focusing on something small.

7. People- I think that people always make a photo more interesting. This is just a personal thing, but I believe people add a depth to a photo. But of course, make sure you aren’t taking photos of people who do t want to be in them!

8. Go off the beaten path. You know the scene; you are just about to take that picture and of course someone walks in the frame. And again, and again. If you go off the path you are much more likely to find less people, and therefore have more time to line up the perfect shot.

What do you do with your holiday photos?

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A body with a flighty personality who loves to travel, take photos and experience new places.

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