Luxury Life – Champneys Henlow Spa

Do you want to feel like royalty? There is little more that can make you feel as decadent as spending a few days at a spa.

It is not often that I don’t find things I think could be better, but I’m sat here honestly trying to think of things to say. I felt relaxed, taken care of, and like some glamourous film star relaxing in a private getaway.

Pulling up to the grounds in our taxi, it felt like being transported to another world, a world of Downton Abby.

When we got there it seemed to be when everyone was checking in so there was a little wait, but these things cant be helped. Soon enough we were at the front to check in. on arrival we were given a drink, a healthy smoothie which was delicious, and a bag of things which we would be using, including a dressing gown and flip flops. The bag itself was handy to cart things around without having to have a handbag, just a little thing that made a big difference.

I usually had a book in mine!

Asa lovely surprise, we were told I was given an upgrade on my room, but not just any upgrade, but to a suite. Now, I would have loved to have used it, but given we were there for my mum’s birthday, I decided to be a good daughter and give it to her. I better have gotten daughter points for that.

We were asked when we would like dinner, had our reservations made and we were off, being shown to our rooms (we had one each).

Our little wing was off to the side, more private and secluded, with a courtyard.

Dinner, unlike breakfast and lunch, is a formal affair. By which I mean the only time they expect you out of your dressing gown!

You are given the menu of the day, and given the chance to choose anything you wanted, with supplements only for dishes such as steak and wine, which I didn’t have as I was trying to be *healthy*.

Now, I’m not someone who eats big meals, but rather likes to snack throughout the day. Rarely would I be seen without food somewhere in my vicinity. I was worried that with only eating at given times I was going to get hungry, but then not be able to finish my food!

But, If you are worried that the food at a health spa would 1) be bland and 2) not fill you up, Henlow dispelled all of this for me. Not only was I full, but I was so full I physically couldn’t eat another bite (I tired).

Candles were lit, the waiters were professional, and the whole atmosphere was perfect.

If all of this still doesn’t dispel any worries, they have a little café area where you can buy food and drinks throughout the day, over looking the pool.

A surprise pudding for my mum. We didn’t even ask for it, they went out of their way to surprise us all!

Having reservations meant that all the guests weren’t clamouring in at the same time, so we were never rushed.

After trying to gracefully waddle my bulging stomach out of the restaurant, I found a lovely surprise in the library. That night they had a wonderful pianist coming in for a recital, perfect to sit, read, and let my dinner go down before heading to bed.

I can’t tell you how blissful it was to relax on the sofa with the piano drifting calming in the background. At one point I had a whole alcove room to myself. If my bed weren’t so comfy I could have drifted off there and then.

Given that we were going to be there for a few days, I wanted to spread my treatments out and make the most of the activities on offer. You did have to book the classes in advance, even just before the class, but it was best to get in just in case they were full.

My first one I wanted to take advantage of was the yoga. They had a few different kinds, so all abilities can join in, but this was one of the only classes which had a supplement. I wasn’t too mad, because at £4 it seemed a bargain compared to the £100 facial (pretty hurts- my purse).

I had no idea what to expect, but I found it the perfect mix of challenging, as I hadn’t done yoga before, and calming, as it wasn’t a highly intensive cardio workout and I am naturally more dispositioned to yoga due to YEARSSS of ballet.

The instructor was warm but knowledgeable, just what you would want. I believe this was one of the more popular classes, and I could see why.

There was so much going on that even with all of this, I still missed things. I believe Clarins had a lady come in to talk about skincare whilst I was there, along with many other classes and activities.

One things for sure, you won’t ever get bored.

The view from my courtyard

It can be quite scary to get undressed in front of people you don’t know, and let them do the treatments. Somehow this wasn’t something I had thought of beforehand (this was my first spa trip, I don’t really go for massages or other “relaxing” activities- see hiking above!), and when I got there I was at first a little uncomfortable (read- I really didn’t like it, but was trying to put on a brave face). I’m not the most out there of people, so being in a vulnerable position is not something I enjoy.

This is something I really want to drive home, the staff were beyond welcoming. Even though I was nervous, even though at the tart I was uncomfortable, they made me feel so good that I could actually relax when I didn’t think I would be able to.

Without the wonderful staff, I don’t think I would have enjoyed.


Room – £320

one thing to note is they charge double for double occupancy in rooms, so if you are staying with someone this will be more

Treatments – £230

Extras while there – £10ish

This is just for me, of course we split the cost of our mum as a treat, but I won’t include that because this gives a good idea of per person, and I don’t want the numbers skewed

Total – £560

Tag Level- Luxury (what can be more luxurious than a few days at a spa?)

You can find out more about them here

Unlike other place, the biggest costs you will come across will be how many treatments you want. You can have very little cost or have a huge bill depending on what you would like to do!

The best thing you can do is book in advance, or even just look at prices, to make sure you know how much things are going to cost. I was a little shocked at the price of things, and if I didn’t know what I was getting myself into I may not have chosen to do so much.

Overall, even given the price, it is definitely worth coming to Henlow. You are paying a premium for the atmosphere, the luxury, but you should know this before going. Sometimes that premium isn’t worth your pennies, but in this case I think it is. The treatments you might be able to get elsewhere, but the atmosphere, the professionalism, now that is something special.

The staff are beyond wonderful and I’m already excited to go back. More than that they have opened up my eyes to taking the time to relax, and for once I think I like it.

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