Top Tips For Packing!

The last thing you want is to be lugging some heavy bags with you. Not only will it make you pull a muscle, but you won’t be able to enjoy your holiday (trust me, you don’t want to be stuck in bed for a day like me).

Many people like to travel on budget airlines now, especially hopping across to Europe. But to get those cheap price, you have to sacrifice on luggage. You can save yourself a load of money by packing light.

1. If it is a carry bag, like a backpack, if I can’t carry it in one hand, it’s a no go. That is because it will be way to heavy to life around on your back, and you’ll do yourself far more harm than good.

There is no harm in re-waring clothes on holiday, sometimes you just want to throw a pair of jeans on. This should free up a lot of space. Shoes I tend to stick to two pairs, one to walk around in and one nice pair for dinner (usually black) which would go with everything I wear.

2. If it’s a wheely case, I like it to be a maximum of 8 kg on the way out. That being said, I am quite small, so being mobile for me is a LITTLE harder! The limits for hold luggage are usually 20-24kg, so even if I had to carry it around for a bit, that’s still low. So why?

Well, It also means, and the main reason for it, is that I can usually load it up with my finds from wherever I’m going. I once seriously considered a 5kg block of cheese from Amsterdam! That’s a lot of cheese and a lot of extra weight. (And no, I didn’t indulge- maybe next time).

3. But what if you went over board? You’ve spent 2 weeks in America, an that 5kg wheel of cheese is just too much to take back without having a huge fine. What do you do? This may sound crazy, but literally posting it back to your house is sometimes cheaper than paying for extra baggage, or worse, a fine.


It’s definitely different, but as long as there are no legal restrictions, then why on Earth not? Think Different!

What are some rules you follow in packing? Do you have any tips for me? (I always need more!).

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A body with a flighty personality who loves to travel, take photos and experience new places.

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