A Lovely Stay In Vienna

I wanted to stay at Prime Rooms because it looked very cosy. Situated on a hill, it was a bit of a climb, but still not at the top.

It was a little out the way, but that gave it a more local feel. I felt more a part of Vienna than a tourist.

There was breakfast set up everyday, a little later than I’m used to, but I guess if you’re in a youth hostel it’s not uncommon for people to lie in. they had a good selection of cereals, and they had a panini press to make mini toasties (cheese, tomato, ham- the staples as fillings).

I would call it basic, but there’s nothing wrong with that, perhaps a little expensive for what it was (not included in the price of the room, I always appreciate a free breakfast!), but the atmosphere of sitting with everyone was lovely. If the weather were a bit warmer, I probably would have sat outside, overlooking the city below.

If you wanted to have dinner, you only needed to say and they would make some space for you (and that I was vege, sorry!). We sat around having dinner, more like a family than a group of strangers, discussing what we did, having a laugh, saying where we’d been, what we were doing next. Turns out someone else was heading to Budapest as well, so we arranged to meet there.

This haunted house was only a few doors down. I just became drawn to it for some reason. I couldn’t help but think of all the stories it held.

For a hostel it was absolutely lovely. The beds were soft and definitely welcoming to fall back into after a day of walking a city.

The bathroom was… an experience. Maybe I’m being harsh, it really wasn’t bad, just kind of eventful. Going for a shower was not a simple tasks, and involved a few gymnastics on my part.

The head of the shower had a rather unique quirk where it didn’t want to stay up. Every time you would turn it on, the force of the water would push the shower head down and… no water for you! At one point I was stuck holding the shower in one hand whilst trying to wash my hair with the other!

It’s times like that, that I am thankful I look on the bright side of life. Seeing the funny side is never a bad thing. There was a communal hairdryer, which is one of the most essential things to have, in my opinion.

The worst thing you can do after a shower is to have to wait around for your hair to dry, unable to get on with your day. If you have long hair, you know what I mean! Hairdryers are bulky things, and bringing one with you takes up so much useful space, it always seems a waste.

I hope that they have fixed that minor issue, I believe the screws just need tighten, so maybe you won’t have to struggle like me!

They didn’t like you eating in the room, which was a little annoying as I like to set out a picnic with all my finds from a local supermarket, but I wasn’t too mad as I can only imagine the amount of crumbs someone could leave! Food is my life, you can’t keep me away, so I might maybe sort of possibly admit to having a nibble while in there. I tidied up though!

You have to be let in by a buzzer, there isn’t an open reception. This kept it safer but was a little annoying. However if you are going to be out late then they can give you a key.

Be prepared, this is a very residential street, so if you are anything like me you could think that google maps is lying when it says you had gotten there, nothing looked right!

Getting to the place isn’t that hard, once you know what busses to take. It’s one straight line from the centre of Vienna to Otakring, and then you can get the bus up outside the metro station, opposite the “Hoffer” (Aldi) shop.

Overall it felt less like a hostel, and more like a home open to travellers. I’ve never stayed anywhere so cosy and home like.

12-27 euros a night.


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