The Joy Of Packing Less

More, More, More. The world is always run on MORE. If you don’t have more than someone next to you, then you aren’t as good. We are pushed to use as much as we can, take everything we can and just have MORE.

But what does it really mean? Does it make you happy? Does having so much that you are laden down and can’t move quickly REALLY make you happier? Honestly, I don’t think so.


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Recently (in the last year or so) I’ve started thinking of how much LESS I can get by on. This comes after a lifetime of wanting, no NEEDING more. And this really cuts through my whole life.

After traveling a few countries and staying in a few hostels, I really surprised myself with how much I actually needed (although some I did still want)

1.       Easier to carry- I’m a small person, the less to carry the better! I don’t want to be stuck with so much to carry that I can’t enjoy my time. Being weighed down by things I won’t use or even appreciate having with me seems kind of pointless. 

But what If I need something? You know where you are going before you get on the plane (or at least you should!) and so will know what is there. If you need something really badly when you get there, why not pick it up? Mini shampoos are great for this. There was one time that I needed some shorts for a yoga class I signed up to. Guess what? I got some at Primark for 3 euros. And I still use them now.

2. I will be bringing things back- I always like getting a few bits abroad, who doesn’t? but to do that and not face a fine, or just fit it in a bag in general, than I need to plan for space. I can’t guess everything I am going to get, even if I do have a Wishlist, but I like to plan anyway. For me, I love mugs. Very random, but I have a collection of mugs from around the world. This is a risky move though, as 1) they are bulky and 2) they can easily break. I specifically leave room to fit one or two in, and then wrap them in towels or clothes around that space.

3. Makes me care more about experience and not what I’m wearing- its so much easier to just GO OUT when you don’t spend so much time wondering what to wear. What do you go on holiday for, to worry? Or to relax? If it is the former then I’m sorry to say you might have a problem!

But if you are sane, then it is most likely the later. You don’t need any extra worries; you live your whole life with them. So why add unnecessary worry to your trip. Worrying about hat to wear, worrying about having a new outfit for every photo, worrying about where to fit it all in! It’s just not worth it. And shoes, don’t get me started. They are the WORST to pack. Honestly, I only bring 2 pairs. One pair for walking, and one for a night out. That’s it!

4. Less to steal- ok so this one seems harsh, but you can’t completely rule it out. The last thing you want to think about when having some relaxing time is to realise tht someone has riffled through your bag and taken your valuables. Even if it doesn’t mean much or didn’t cost a lot, the thought of someone invading you space like that hurts the heart.

A holiday should be a time not to worry, it is the last thing you want. While it is entirely on the individual doing the stealing’s fault, you can’t expect people not to target tourists, especially if you have a lot of bags. Limit the risk and only take what you need, and be careful with what you choose. If you do have something valuable wither take it with you, or keep it somewhere separate to mitigate the risk. It may not be a nice thought, but it’s not as bad as dealing with the consequences of inaction.

5.       Less fuel has to be used- so this one is a leap of thought, and to something we think about when getting on the plane. We all know it takes fuel to get us from A to B, and us travelling uses more. But do you stop to think about how much your suitcase uses? Probably not. But it all gets weighed up and fuelled as per. So the less you pack, the less fuel your are using. “But it’s not a lot” you say. And maybe not, but in this case, anything you can save will make a big impact. And if we all work together; think of how much we can save!

Give it a go, try and travel with less. You may be happier than you ever expected, and you’ll be doing something to help our Earth!

If you want to pack less like me, then a backpack will do you wonders. While searching for mine, I needed something that was cheap (because an early 20something doesn’t have a lot of money) but durable (because I don’t want to have to buy it twice. Not only does it double the costs, that’s more waste being pumped out)Here are some of my favourites:

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