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I can leverage my time better. Just because I’m working on my laptop, doesn’t mean I’m being forced to. Sometimes I want to, like working on this blog. Traveling is basically, for most people, a large amount of time when you can’t do anything. Why not leverage that time for something useful? I can write up my adventures on the move without it ever actually interfering with me being in the moment.

I don’t believe that bringing a laptop means that I will be stuck working. There’s a negative aspect of it for sure, but only if you let it take over. As in anything, it’s a matter of perspective.

If you feel forced to do something, you’ll see it negatively. I just don’t feel forced, I’m choosing to.

Bridging the line between holiday and work doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a workaholic, to me, I am setting myself up for THIS being my new office. Anywhere I want.

If I love it so much, if I never want to leave, then I am far more likely to push to make it my reality.

This is a great book to help you get there! Tim Ferris’s 4hr Work Week

(This is an affiliate link)

But I can do that on my phone, technically. It may be annoying, but I can always write notes on go online on my phone. And that’s true. And is also relevant to my next point. It is my last line of security. My phone was stolen

We have a freedom now that we have never had before. We have the chance to break free of desks and get out. We can choose how, where and when we work- if you fight for it. And I want to fight.

I can see the turned up noses looking down at me for this. But why would I want to spend 45 years being unhappy at work only to MAYBE have the chance to travel when my bones start to go stale. I just can’t subject myself to that life.

And if you weren’t already aware, I love traveling!

There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING that say we have to live that way. We fall into it brocade it’s easy, or maybe you are afraid of what people might think if you try something different. But I gave up on what people think of me a few years ago now.

Why would you not want to wake up to this?

And you know what? I can watch Netflix, tv’s don’t always have something on. Sometimes after a long day of doing things all you want to do is order room service and chill. It doesn’t mean that work is al others is too it!

A word of warning, the last thing you want is someone to steal it. I do have to be careful when I take it, and I always take extra precautions. I keep it away from everything else, if there is a safe, it goes in there every time I leave the room. If I’m in a hostel, I carry my own lock and lock it up.

I also have to keep it safe, as even the most rugged to devices can get unhappy about being thrown around so much, so having a good case is a must.

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A body with a flighty personality who loves to travel, take photos and experience new places.

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