5 Best things to do in Vienna

There is so much to do in Europe’s most liveable city, but for me, these are the top 5 things that stood out to me after I returned home. 

The Danube tower

Most cities have a vantage point where you can admire the metropolitan jungle for miles, and Vienna is no exception. in the day time

Truly, the best part about it though is that it has a restraint and a café at the top. There isn’t much that would make you stop and think like that. Being able to eat, miles into the sky, overlooking a city, it is truly a feat of engineering.

But of course, when I went the café and restaurant were full booked. Now, I don’t think this was the case given the time I went, maybe someone hired it out, or maybe they couldn’t serve food, but either way my plan to have dinner there was scuppered. 

Why is it when I plan life just throws a curveball at me. 

The palace

Europe, the home of Kings and Queens. No matter what you think of monarchy, you can’t deny the architectural master pieces they left in their wake

The opulence that rolls off the place makes you feel like royalty

One down side? Be prepared to share the opulence with others. When I went it was, how could you say, cosy. We were led in as much as they could probably legally allow at a time. I guess I’ll never 

have my own palace! Oh well, it is still beautiful to see, and nothing can take away from that.

There are different options when buying tickets, and the more you pay the more rooms you can go to. I went for the most basic ticket, but I do wish id gone for one up, as I feel it may have been a little less crowed further in. regardless, what I saw was absolutely amazing.

Kunst museum

You have to go to a museum, and for me the best was the Kunst. They had Caravaggio and Berlini

It was very popular, so I had to wait for my allotted time to in, so I took the time to walk around the rest of the museum. And it was not lost time.

What I was truly there to see though, was the Caravaggio exhibition. By far my favourite painter, both his work and personal life hold a certain mystique. I thought I knew a lot about him, but I was not prepared to see his work up close. My breath was a nearly taken away as I stood before a floor to ceiling height painting that dominated the room. I’d never seen it before, and I doubt there is much in the world that could compare to it

Food place

Hungry? Of course you are! You won’t have to go hungry with all the choices there are.

Before I left, I was given the recommendation to go to Phil’s, and I heard people talking about it across the city. I guess you could call it hipster, but I love it. A coffee sop within a book shop, two of my favourite things combined! The only time I’ve seen this before was the Waterstones in Cambridge, but this took it to the next level! Instead of just having a seating area in a book shop, you were surrounded by it, tables next to bookshelves.

Want something a little different? There was one other place I loved as well (two for one on this one!) 7*stern. Just a warning, they don’t accept cards, so you have to pay cash (weird, but hey. I like to hope they didn’t just say this because I was a tourist)


 I heard about the market though word of mouth, and I’m so glad I went. But I need to give you a warning. If you are hungry and don’t want to dive into the good stuff- don’t go! You won’t be able to resist! With everything you could ask for

There were more cheeses than I could name, spices for every type of cooking, so much tea that it could fuel half of Britain. That’s not even taking into account the fresh food being made there and then.

I picked up something that I had never heard before that looked like a giant samosa, but filled with spinach and goats’ cheese.

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One thought on “5 Best things to do in Vienna

  1. Great post and fantastic photos! I went on a day trip to Vienna while visiting Bratislava last year and was surprised by variety of things to see and do there. It’s one of the most beautiful European cities and I can’t believe I missed out on Kunst Museum. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva


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