48hrs in Vienna

I decided to go to Vienna after hearing glowing stories from my friends. They said it was one of their favourite places they had ever been. How could I not go?

The city itself is smaller than I was prepared for. That’s not to say it was small, but to my idea of a capital being London, everything else seems calm and cosy in comparison. Looking at a map, I could probably walk from one end of the city to the other in 2 and a half hours. Not too bad at all.

Vienna felt overwhelmingly safe- Vienna has been voted the most liveable city, and I can see why. Even in big city areas, I never felt unsafe. There was always something going on, but it seemed the was a good balance of work and life. There was everything you could think of, but shops shut earlier than other countries so people can go home.

It says a lot in these little things. People not being worked to the bone, being treated fairly, and having a safe space to walk is vital for a lovely city. I just hope as a tourist that I added to this, and didn’t take away.

Busy tourist traps- as with any place where tourists congregate, there were tourist traps to go with it

How to get out of the traps

The shops shut early- because Vienna felt so safe, I didn’t see much of an issue being out after dark. Taking a little wonder I hadn’t eaten in a while, and wanted to pick up some dinner. My mistake. After 8pm the shops shut. Nothing like the UK.

After a few days I found a few places open after 8, located in underground stops. It was quite odd, I have been used to small little express shops open in places like that, but it felt as if they had a whole supermarket right there.

Big tower- whilst staying at my hostel, some who was staying there as well was talking about the trip he took to the tower. Funny enough, I hadn’t even heard of it before he started talking.

In the distance, I thought, eh, I’ve seen bigger. It wasn’t until up close does the size hit.

Palace- what is Europe without a palace? The continent of Kingdoms have them scattered everywhere you look, but every now and again a special one shines through.

The opulence was as in your face as it could be. Gold detailing on the walls, chandeliers so big they could crush someone and furnishings so beautiful you would hardly want to sit down.

If you want to float around a place, imagining yourself to be in the shoes of the monarchy, you may have to wait until after closing time. The crowds we so packed in that one barely had space to breathe.

The cheese- I love going to local shops in new countries, I don’t think there is a better way to get to know what a place is truly like. Restraint food may be delious, but it’s hard to know how authentic it is.

The museums- As with most of Europe, the museums are gorgeous.

Iris – The art wasn’t just in museums though. A lover of all things fashion and art, my love or Iris Van Herpen runs deep, I still think her show “Shifting Souls” is one of the best fashion shows EVER. I can not tell you how excited I was to randomly, by chance, unknowingly, stumble right into a specatiluer art installation by the lady herself.

Placed front and centre at the flagship Swarovski shop, I can only imagine what people must have thought of.

Even I was taken aback before taking a closer look.

The coffee et cake- After all the excitement of seeing Iris’s work upfront, I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere in a hurry. Vienna has it’s very own coffee that I absolutely had to try

Enjoyed your coffee and cake? Walked it off but now need the bathroom? That will be .50 please! Yep, many many bathrooms you had to pay to go in, even McDonalds.

The scenery


Room- 120 / 24 euros per night for a deluxe dorm room (2 people sharing with mezzanine bed)

Spending – 200 euros roughly over 5 days. I didn’t eat out in restaurants, preferring food from supermarkets

Extras – .50 to use the bathroom!

Flights- £50

Total- £360 ish

Tag- Budget

Even though this was a bougier hostel, compared to other places this was still budget. Was it worth it? For that price, I can’t say no!

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