How to save money on holiday

There are lots articles on to save money on booking a holiday, but what about when your there? There can be plenty of reasons to pinch the pennies, if you’ve got a family and thy all want something, travellers going the hostel road and need to save for the next place. Whatever the reason, here are the best tips for after you land

1.       Shop in supermarkets- you can get really authentic food (as in what people ACTUALLY eat) and at cheaper price than restaurants . it doesn’t even have to be cooking food, you can get some good lunch bits and make a indoor picnic!

2.       Consider Airbnb. The biggest objection to this I hear is safety (at least that’s what my mum says) but if you stick to recognised hosts, which bnb points out, you know you are in good hands. 

3. Learn the layout of a city this will make it easier to take transport. Busses and underground trains will always be cheaper then taxis, and in some cases quicker! There’s no harm in asking for help, many major cities are used to tourists. If you are still stuck or can’t ask, google maps usually has all bus and train information for big cities, and as a bonus will give you a timescale so you can plan ahead. No missing your ticket time!

4. Know that you are going to spend money- this makes it easier to know where you want to spend it. Just like when at home you bring a list with you to the weekly food shop, do a mental note of that! It will help you get what you want without throwing your money at everything.

5. Don’t be a naive tourist. One way to get overcharged for something is to stand out as a tourist. Have your wits about you and know whether places haggle a lot. If it is custom- do it!

6. Book through hotels- a riff on the last point, if you book excursions through hotel concierges you know it’s legit. From tickets to taxis, the added bonus is you know it’s real. If safety is important, then defiantly take this path.

What would you add to this list?

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