A weekend in Kensington

I want to talk about the bins in Kensington. Odd sentence, I know. Why on earth would a bum deserve any paragraph time? This is why. 

The bins, have gold foiling. I repeat. The BINS, have GOLD FOILING. How much money does this borough have! Never in my life have I ever seen anything as ostentatious as having fools foiling stamped onto an everyday house bin. Never. In some ways I feel like that is quite representative of the struggle of London. Some place so rich that they can waste money on things like that, whilst others can only hope to find food thrown away in them. 

If you are coming to London for its art, staying in Kensington would be perfect for you.

I forgot my ticket, and had to run back. If I had stayed anywhere else I would have missed the even altogether, but I was lucky enough to get back before it started and still find a seat.

It a kind of golden square, where everything you need is within walking distance, quite a feat for a city sprawled out so much and housing 7 million people.

The food, as one would expect, was varied, catering to anything anyone could think of. The amalgamation of different cultures has created an atmosphere where if you can think of it

I wanted to mix up what I got to eat, sometimes going for round the corner takeaways, visiting the Instagram famous restaurants and taking a shining to Harrods who, unfortunately for my bank was walking distance.

The first place I went to eat was ELAN, the kind of place that Instagram loves. Now, I have to say whilst it looked amazing, and it didn’t taste bad, it did leave me wanting a bit more flavour. But I guess you pay to look cool apparently (lesson learned).

My dinner at ELAN

The weekend I travelled, I was nursing a damaged knee. In fact I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to travel at one point, but after intentionally rest for a few day (torture) and getting a nice, tight bandage, I felt like I could actually start moving again, albeit kindly on myself.

Walking up and downstairs in particular REALLY didn’t feel nice. Which was why when I got to London I saw something I had never seen before, which is obvious to some people who are always in my position.

London is HELL if you have a disability. Something as easy as taking the tube, something that is so taken for granted by mot people, is nigh on impossible if you can’t walk up and down stairs. And it’s not just one or two, there can sometimes be huge flights.

I was lucky enough to be able to walk still, even though I did nearly fall down the stairs at one station whilst lugging a suitcase (a surprising thing happened. People actually asked me if I was ok! I wasn’t ignored! London, you get me every time). If I couldn’t have made it, I would have been stuck. What was my other choice? An EXPENSIVE taxi that I realllly didn’t want to pay out for (Kensington is expensive enough thank you!)

My breakfast at the hotel REALLY filled me up!

I noticed especially in Kensington that there was next to nothing other than stairs. If you have enough money to cover your bins in gold, why would you not try to make your stations more accessible?

It does upset me, and I don’t think many people have thought of it before, which is understandable, but should be rectified. London is a world city, we should be proud to welcome everybody!

I wanted to experience a London I hadn’t seen before. To me, the city was one big conglomerate of people, everywhere was busy and there wasn’t anywhere to hide. But love finding little books to sneak away, it can get suffocating. I had the opportunity to go to a small concert at the old st Pancras church. 

It was definitely a departure from the London I had come to know otherwise. Never have I thought of London of having small boutique places, but I’m glad I found them.

It a shame that more isn’t being done to make sure EVERYONE can experience it, and would certainly think twice of staying in a place that doesn’t cater to all abilities.

As they say. Vote with your money!

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A body with a flighty personality who loves to travel, take photos and experience new places.

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