Don’t Rush Your Traveling

There are so many places to go, so many sights to see. You have to get started now, if you ever want to see them all. And what about the future? When you have a job, or children? How can you travel then? And so on, and so on.

Stop, take a deep breath. The world (hopefully) isn’t going to end soon (although we need to pull our finger out about climate change)

Rushing to pack as much in as possible in a few short years will ultimately leave you exhausted, travel whipped lashed. 

You change, and so do places over time. What you might not have appreciated a few years ago, you love now. Just think of what that means for your future

If you went to the gym, you wouldn’t just go once, do everything quickly and expect to get the benefit, and to an extent the same can be said for travel. If you don’t stop and appreciate what your doing, you’ll never get the benefit.

So take the time to relax. Don’t try and fit your whole life into a few years. Look ahead.

Published by A Flighty Personality

A body with a flighty personality who loves to travel, take photos and experience new places.

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