A Boutique Luxury Hideaway- The Exhibitionist Hotel London

London is known as being a city of eclectics, luxury, and art – and my hotel definitely got into this!

I stayed at the Exhibitionist Hotel, ideally located in Kensington. Not only that, but it was directly located on a quite street outside the national history museum. Never did I even think that somewhere so busy could feel so cosy and quite, just one street back.

With a name such as “The Exhibitionist” you would be right to expect something special.

One thing I didn’t know until I got there was that this was not just any building. No, it was next door to the psychics society, famously led by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock fame. As a huge Sherlock fan, this was really the cherry on the cake for me. I was where Doyle had been years gone by! 

I arrived early and handed my luggage in. I usually do end up getting there early, but I wasn’t upset my room wasn’t ready.

I came back when they said to, only to be told my room still wasn’t ready. Now that is annoying (and something that seems to happen to me a lot), but for the first time the staff dealt with it perfectly.

They gave me a space in the small lobby/ dining area and asked if they could get me a drink. Honestly after a lot of walking on a bad leg it was much appreciated.

Now, if somewhere says it’s 5 star, you would rightly think that it would be perfect (if reasonable), which is why I’m making a point to say there were no dressing gowns. The last 5 star place had one waiting for me (although far too large for me, but that’s my small people problem). 

This wasn’t a high place, cramming in as many rooms as it could, it was smaller than most hotels I have been in. Described as a “Boutique” hotel, I think that does encompass the feeling of the place. The smallness made it so you didn’t disappear.

The room was gorgeously appointed. Plush velvet coated the walls as a head board, stand out lighting added to the theme of the room (each room has a colour scheme, unless it is a suite, in which case it is completely uniquely designed).

The bed was as soft as anything I could have hoped for, perfect for my sleeping type. The duvet was the kind which you wish you had at home. The kind that would smother you in warmth and comfort whisker still being breathable.

I do wonder where hotels get them? I wish I could buy one like that but I’ve never come across one in the shops. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place!

Out of my window there was what I figured to be a courtyard for another room. The only reason I figured what this space was because I may or may not have spied people taking their breakfast out there. Not creepy at all I promise! I did think maybe next time I should be just that bougie.

The artwork on the walls was a nice touch, and livened up what would otherwise be a quite dingy little space.

The bathrooms were a unique quirk that I liked. A know arched window through to the bedroom is something I have never seen before, and just the right amount of cheeky.

The glass was fogged so you still had privacy, but kept the standout feature.

The bath was glorious, as you would expect, even if I did go over board with the bubbles. The only issue, which is really a non issue, is that the headrest faces away from the window, with the taps face if towards it. What I would want to be able to do is lean back facing that unique feature, but have it hidden behind me! And the taps were far to bulky to lean against.

The room service was a little disappointing. It was a small or “boutique” as they call it, but I felt like they could have offered a few more options. The breakfast selection was lovely, but if you wanted dinner, you better want pizza! They had about 6 options to choose from (although they were kind enough to give you the chance to add more if you so wished, for a hefty fee)

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