I Got Trapped In My Hostel Room!

Given that I was trying to travel differently then usual, and after a great experience in Amsterdam, I decided to stay in a hostel again. This time, however, I opted for a private room, because sometimes I just need to be alone. Introverts know what I mean.

I stayed in a place called “Das Nest”, which had great reviews on Hostelworld. I looked nice, had a private room and was relatively cheap. It ticked all the boxes for me.

However, given that I didn’t know Budapest, I had no idea of the area it was in. It was in a place called the Jewish Quarter, which I can describe by saying it wasn’t the best of neighbourhoods. If Buda was the place of spas, glamour and gorgeous scenery, this was the bottom of the barrel. Maybe I’m being to harsh, I didn’t have many issues, but it’s hard to place it in the shadow of being overlooked by beauty.

So, not many issues I said, then what was wrong? This only issue for me, was the entrance. I’m pretty bold and not frightened easily, but a constant presence of men who looked like they would offer me drugs if I were anyone else did put me on edge.

I had to call several times to the hostel office to know how to get in, having to walk through the group in the doorway. Then through coded doors, up stairs or a lift to a floor number I didn’t know (I could only gather it was a top floor as the photos I saw looked like a sloped roof) and again though coded doors.

At one point I was thinking I wasn’t going to find the place and would have to find another hotel.

I think the place could have better prepared guests for this, as there was nothing to mention this ordeal when booking. In the end I didn’t mind it, I got used to it, but knowing this at the start would have made the whole experience a lot nicer.

When I finally, FINLLY, got in, I was given my room “the best room in the place” as told by the guy who worked there, I tried not to laugh, it was a hostel after all, but it would definitely suit me fine, as all I wanted was some peace.

The man who gave me the key said the lock was a little dodgy. And HE WAS NOT WRONG! And so began one of the most embarrassing moments of my traveling so far. 

Yes, I got locked IN.

I tried the lock, no luck. But that was ok, he said it was difficult. I was a bit kinder to it and tried again. Still nothing. Again and again I tried. Soft, hard, anyways you would think a lock worked. Still I remained trapped.

And yes, I was getting that desperate that the window crossed my mind, until I saw the drop on the other side. Unbroken legs please!

In the end I had nothing else to try then to ring the reception. The whole situation was so stupid that at first he didn’t understand, then it clicked, and I got a hearty laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh with him!

My saviour arrived quickly, but the fiddly door was still a little tricky. In the end it swung open, my first thought being at least I wasn’t going to go hungry that night. Typical. 

We need up playing with the keys a little bit, until I finally got the hang of it. The oddest thing you can think of, they key worked when it was only halfway in the door. As any person who has sever used a key, I was using it the right way, the ONLY WAY. But no, that is not how this key wanted to do things.

Side note here, the key hole was really big, as I could see who was outside, and therefore gathered people could see in. to fix this I left the key in the lock to block this.

The bathroom closest to me, the only one I used, was actually really nice, a lot better than the place I stayed in Vienna.

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