Travel In Luxury…

Who doesn’t love a little luxury on holiday? After all, you work all day, all week, all year. You need a break, and you deserve to relax on your time off.

1. Select your times of travel carefully. If you are able to, avoid school holiday dates. These are peak times when everyone wants to travel, so prices rise (but you know this already right?) but even through times of the year the prices change, and they may not be highest when you think they are. Look at the prices in comparison to average weather at the time, and you might find a time that works well for you.

2. Book via a hotel direct- hotels are wary of online booking sites who take a cut of their profits, so more and more are offering discounts and bonuses to people who book direct. As online booking and spending take more and more of the cut, hotels (especially chains) are becoming more aggressive at taking a slice of the action

3. Plan ahead- the sooner you book, the more likely the rates will be cheaper

4. Weigh up flights vs hotel. Some places even 5* is cheap. However the flights there may not be. Weigh up the cost together and you should find a sweet spot (and this will be relative to where you live).

5. Cashback sites can be a godsend. Found a great deal? Why not check that you couldn’t just get an extra slice off.

6. Budget airlines can cut huge costs off your budget. Travel can be one of the biggest costs to a holiday, especially further afield. I like to use to search for flights, not only because it tells me what’s what, but as a bonus it tells me which flights have less CO2 emissions. Whist it still isn’t good to use airplanes, if you can’t avoid it for your holiday, you can make informed choices on top of saving money by searching deals. A happy thing I’ve found that even budget airline have flights with lower emissions, so even if you are on a budget, you can be conscious of the environment.

7. Consider what tie you check in. the earlier your there, the less likely you are to get an upgrade. If you arrive later, the hotel knows what’s full and what’s empty, so are more likely to upgrade you.

8. It’s cheaper to go on holiday with someone, if nothing to split the cost of hotels. But, if like me you travel a lot alone, things can get pricey. I’ve found that sites who offer discounts on holidays often have a VERY high surcharge for single travellers, pretty much to the point of why bother. Voyage Prive are awful at this, they advertise a great price, only to rack it up to regular price levels once you get in to it. Do yourself a favour and make up your own holiday, ignore those sites that want to penalise you for wanting a break away by yourself and find good deals by searching on or for good deals from where you want to go (then check on the specific hotel website for a better deal!)

9. Points- this one is hard for me. For a lot of people paying by points is a great way to get money off, or even for free. There are many clubs out there to join. But be careful though, that you only get points when you buy things you really need or want. For me, I just simply don’t spend that much, so would never get enough points to accumulate such a deal (or at least it would take a very long time). Although, if you’d spend enough to get some good point, this on is for you! Credit cards are the easiest way to rack them up, and here are some good ones.

10. Live like a local- it can be easy to get sucked into fancy palaces you see splashed about, but often they are not the best, it’s all in the marketing. Do you best to search for joint that the locals love. These will often not only be cheaper, but far nicer, as they focus on retained customer base and quality rather than a quick tourist who will never return. You can do this by hopping on TripAdvisor, talking to your hotel, or even just seeing where looks busy! 

What would you add to this list?

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